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Project 3{review}

December 7, 2009

There were multiple tasks to complete in project three. The purpose was to take an issue or Public service announce and analysis the image.  In part one I was nervous about having to write so much about an image. One thing that helped me was the exercise that we did in the beginning on the semester, where we wrote non-stop. This help me because I kept an open mind and not limiting myself to just the face of the image.  In part two we had to compare the movie Lean on Me , to the book See you when we get there. The only challenging part of this portion of the project was gathering the group so we could watch the movie together. In the third part of the project I would say I was intimidated by the larger companies that make the Public service announcements. I thought I could never make something like this. What I did to help me get over that fear is realize that the people that make the PSA’s are creating what they see in classrooms. My PSA was special because I experience the school system and I knew what problems need to be fixed.

Project 2 {Review}

December 7, 2009

Project 2

The purpose of this paper in my opinion was to describe you as a student. In my mind I wanted to be different. Therefore I anticipated that everyone would write the generic paper; “I had all A’s, I was organized, I was punctual, and responsible.”  I was also this student, yet I was not born that way so I decided to give the occasions where I used or learned how to become a model student.

The strengths in this paper are the sarcasm and the graphic writing. I believe the sarcasm is strengthens my paper because It makes my paper stand out for the rest of the students. I chose to use sarcasm because, the objective of the paper was to tell what kind of a student I am, along with being a good student I am also a sarcastic person. To me this was a great way to show that quality. In this project as well as others I choose to do what I call graphic writing because I am a visual learner, and I feel that seeing what I experienced will make the story clear. The graphic writing came in on multiple occasions throughout the paper. The most memorable to me is the example of me missing out on an important trip with the circus. I chose this because it shows me setting school as my main priority.

The weaknesses of this paper are the lack of revisions. I have only done two revisions max. To me this I rebel against doing multiple revisions because, I told the story the way I wanted to the first time so there’s no need for revisions.  On the contrary this is not the same case for grammatical revisions.

In this paper my strength as a writer is bringing my personality into my writing. I did this by in the beginning setting up the exaggerated statements in the beginning. At a first glance you may say that I am a conceded student, but as you read you start to see that I was I wish to accomplish.

In this paper I took the audience into consideration. If this was a real letter going to someone official in the administration office, I thought to myself that they receive millions of letters that say, “I was the best student.”

Project 1 {review}

December 7, 2009

The purpose of project one was in a narrative, explain why I wanted to become a teacher. At first thought, I thought I don’t want to be a teacher. I want to perform until I die. Then I remembered that I am going to get old someday. In order to write this paper I came up with the scenario of if I never got introduced into the circus world, or if I got hurt. Revisions did play a role in composing this paper, but not in the conventional matter, while writing the paper I revised it. In the sense of revision, I also got some tips from two classmates.

This paper has unique strengths compared to the last 2 projects. The introduction of this project is very graphic. I feel that I made it clear to the reader as a student in my earlier years of school I was quiet and did not participate in class, and that it was not beneficial to me. This writing is also strong because I told a lot of about my life in a few paragraphs.

No one is perfect so this paper has it weaknesses. One weakness in particular was that I did not go in depth about the strength of the relationship that I had with my teacher Mr. Yolich, or the respect he had gained.  In addition I feel that I could have included more about what CircEsteem meant for me. I could have again mentioned some of the key people in the project.

I feel that my strength as a student is being able to tell a good story on paper. Throughout reading this paper you can see the various visuals that I give the reader. Again in the introduction I set up a scene for the reader.  One of my weaknesses as an author is being tempted to exaggerate and dramatize the truth. This was done when I said the streets were infested with police, there were police but there were only a few more than usual.

Final Portfolio

December 3, 2009

follow this link to my other blog with the final portfolio

Rafe Esquith {Part 3}

November 18, 2009

Rafe Esquith’s three mottos are; there are no shortcuts, behavior is exemplar, and Shakespeare and rock and roll. Another part of his presentation that stood out is, “The arts, the arts, the arts.” One program that he has is the Shakespeare-rock and roll. With this program the students incorporate rock and roll with history and other school subjects. His take on the arts is that a child who studies music does better in everything. Rafe is a teacher that goes above and beyond. Some of the things he does are, advise the students on life, and when it’s hard he makes jokes. He also helps his formers students on the SATs. This is one way he shows his dedication. Another way he shows his dedication is by paying for class props and trips out of his own pocket. Rafe feel that as a teacher he needs his students as much as they need him. Rafe’s goal as a teacher is to give the students skills that they will use in the 10th grade and further on in life. He offers these ideas to the public through a book called, Lighting Their Fire. This book is set up like baseball and in the different innings he teaches skills that they don’t teach in school because they are not on the test. Another way he teaches life lessons is having “life in class”. With this the kids all apply for jobs, they get paid fake money I assume, and they pay rent on the desk. At the end of the week the kids can buy school supplies with the money they have earned. Through this the kids learn the value of money. Some kids learn more than others. These kids don’t buy supplies they wait until the end of the month and buy another child’s seat and charges them rent. He also advised the teacher against bullying. Teachers do this by yelling at their students. When a teacher does this the students pick up on this behavior and later repeat it. Lastly he mentioned that the teachers are shrinking the menu. This is done by taking away part of the curriculum. He advised teachers to add something new to their curriculum each year. Doing this will help ensure that you are reaching out to all of the students different personality.

Rafe Esquith {Part 2}

November 18, 2009

Another part of his presentation that stood out is the weapons of moral development. This is basically six levels of behavior and the motives behind it. He teaches this to all of his students on the first day of class.

Level one: would be someone doing their work to avoid trouble. In school this would be a child doing their homework so that they will not get in trouble with the teacher.

Level two: Doing something for a reward. With this he gave an example of when their principle told them if they keep the school clean for a week they would all get freeze pops. Immediately his students called out level 2. At the end of the week his class turned down the freeze pops because they did not keep the school clean because of the reward, but because it was the right thing to do.

Level three: Do things to please people. This is the students who behave in public so that the teacher doesn’t look bad. What he said was that the student should not behave because they will make him look bad, instead they should behave because if not it would make the students look bad.

Level four: Doing things because it is a rule.

Level five: Doing things to be considerate of others.

Level six: personal code of behavior. The last level is when a person does thing because that’s who they are.

According to him many teacher would call him saying, “ the six level are great but the kid aren’t getting it.” To this he said now-a-day people are just too impatient. You have to wait for progress.

Rafe Esquith{Part 1}

November 18, 2009

Well Mr. Halle, sorry to say that you missed out on a great speaker. When discovering the assignment I just knew that it would be boring. I debated was it even worth it, upon arrival I planned to take a few notes and leave. However that was not the case Rafe Esquith was very entertaining. Outside of being entertaining I learned so much from him. He is the most decorated teacher I have ever heard of, not only winning teacher of the year award, he has also won Oprah’s use your life award, and was made an honorary member of the order of the British empire. Ok so now let me walk you through the speech. In many parts of his speech he gave advised to teachers, present, new, and future. One thing that stood out was about being a good teacher and having bad days. He reminded everyone that when you see on the TV the teacher comes into a school and saves the day and everyone passes the test, that these are only Hollywood movies. Also that after 28 years of teaching he fails and has bad days. So the message that he was giving was that a bad day does not equal a bad teacher. In his presentation he also introduces the rules of being a teacher. The two rules are; rule one, be the person you want them to be. For example if you want them to be nice, hard working, or etc. you have to model that behavior. He also pointed out that you can’t underestimate their powers of observation. The second rule is to eliminate fear. A lot of times kid are afraid of being laughed at. As a teacher you have to replace fear with trust. He also said once you have their trust you can’t break it, because after that there will always be doubts. Basically you can’t fix broken trust.